Krups GVX242 Ceramic Coffee Grinder Repair

Make sure your grinder is unplugged before attempting to work on it.

Do you have an issue with your Krups Coffee Grinder and you’d like to open it to see if you can fix it.

I take no responsibility for your skills or lack thereof when it comes to home DIY. You’ll need to remove the front and side selector knobs by prying them off.

Then look underneath and you’ll see 4 minor indents in the plastic, this is where the clips are that hold the cover on. Insert a small screwdriver or piece of plastic to release the clips and pull apart. Now you can get to all the important bits.


Pastel Windows 10 Checklist

Windows 10 install restores the system to the factory default, this
means that if you changed certain system settings in Windows prior to the update that they have been reset.

If you having issues with sending invoices from Pastel to email, complete steps 1-4, if that doesn’t work you’ll also need to follow the steps to install an update for Outlook

  1. Check that the UAC is turned off
  2. Check that the Region and Language is correct
  3. Check that your email program is set as default
  4. If your Printer driver is compatible with Windows 10 make sure that the paper size is A4 or if using pre-printed paper that the custom paper size is selected.
  5. Make sure that if the Windows 10 is the Pastel Server that this is shared correctly

1. Turning off the UAC in Windows 10

Follow these instructions on how to turn off the UAC
in Windows 10


  • Click the Search Magnifying Glass, bottom left of your screen, type “UAC” minus quotes, click “Change User Account Control settings” from the search listing to open
  • Drag the slider to ” Never Notify” and click OK

2. Checking the Region and Language in Windows 10

This document explains how to setup your region and language to
avoid errors in Pastel.


  • Click the Search Magnifying Glass, bottom left of your screen, type “Region” minus quotes, click Region from the search listing to open
  • With the “Formats” tab selected, make sure that the current format is English (South Africa)
  • Click on “Additional Settings” bottom right and go to the Numbers tab make sure your settings are as per the screenshot
    • Decimal symbol: must be a full stop
    • Digit grouping symbol: must be a comma
    • List separator: must be a comma
  • Select the “Currency” tab and set as per the screenshot:
    • Decimal symbol: must be a full stop
    • Digit grouping symbol: must be a comma
  • Select the “Date” tab and make sure the short date is set to: dd/MM/yy

3. Set Email Program as Default in Windows 10

This explains how to set your email program as default in
Windows 10.


  • Click the Search Magnifying Glass, bottom left of your screen, type “default” minus quotes, click “Default Programs” from the search listing to open
  • Click on “Set your default programs”
  • The list may take time to populate the first time you open
  • On the left hand side select your email program i.e Outlook
  • Click the option to Set this program as default
  • Click ok

5. Network Sharing and Security on Windows 10

Sharing and Permissions:

  • Select Computer| Local Disk C:
  • Right click on your Pastelxx or Xpressxx folder (where xx represents the version of Pastel you are running i.e Pastel14) and select properties
  • Select the “Sharing” tab
  • Click on the “Share” button
  • On the File sharing screen make sure that everyone is showing and that their permissions are correctly set i.e. Read/Write
  • If no users are showing please add them by either
    select “Everyone” if you want to share it for everyone or select “Find people” if you only want certain people to have access to your Pastel folder.
  • Once the person has been added to the list, make sure that the Permission Level for that user has been selected on “Read/Write”
  •  After you have added the user\s, click on Share.
  • After you have shared the Pastel folder for the user\s, it will return to the Sharing tab on the Properties screen for the Pastel folder.
  • When on the Sharing tab, click on Advanced Sharing| Permissions
  • Click on “Add” to add users if they do not show in the list to have permission to access the Pastel folder.
  • If they are showing click on the user\s and ensure that there is a tick on Full Control, Change and Read under the column “Allow”
  • Select the security tab and follow the same procedure as the Advanced Sharing process
  • Read-only:
  • To turn off “Read-only”, select the General tab and then make sure that there isn’t a tick in the block where it says “Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)”.

Network Discovery

  • If the workstation still cannot access the Pastel folder, register the package as a workstation or is receiving permissions errors after checking all the sharing option explained previously, please make sure that the Server computer has tuned on “Network Discovery” (making the computer visible to other computers).
  • To turn on Network Discovery on the server computer, click on the network computer screen on the bottom right-hand corner next to the time and date in Windows and click on “Open
    Network and Sharing Center”.
  • On the left-hand side of the Network and Sharing Center screen, click on Change advanced
    sharing settings.
  • Under the option “Network discovery”, select the option Turn on network discovered and click
    on Save changes.

Pastel email Invoice or Statement Setup

From Pastel Xpress or Partner, it is possible to email invoices or statements to customers directly, either in PDF format [default] or HTML.

To do this, first make sure to capture each customer’s email address into Pastel.
Go to Edit > Customers > Accounts and then insert the email address in the appropriate field under the General tab and save.

For Invoices

Go to View > Customers > Print Document > Tax Invoice. Then change Print to, select “Email” and continue as usual, your software may ask if you want to continue to give access, click Yes

For Statements

Then you need to go to the Processing tab for each customer and, at the bottom right-hand corner, where it says “Statements” and then “Printing”, select the option “Print and Email Statement” or “Email Statement”.
Finally, to actually email the Statements, go to View > Customers > Monthly/Periodic > Statements. Then change Output Option to “Email as per Customer File” and click on OK. On the next screen, ensure that “Email Settings” is activated and then select either HTML or PDF. Then click on OK, and your emails will be placed into the Outbox of your mail client.

Please note the following conditions must be met:

  • For Windows XP, the facility will only work with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
  • For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you must be running Pastel 2009 Build 10.2.4 or later
  • For Windows 7 you can use Windows Live Mail (replaced Outlook Express) or Microsoft Outlook.
  • For Windows 8, 8.1, 10 you can use Windows Live Mail (replaced Outlook Express) or Microsoft Outlook.

Pastel complies with SARS regulations regarding electronic documents. PDF invoices are encrypted with 128-bit technology and have the words “Computer Generated Document” printed on the invoices.

Error emailing Invoices & Statements from Pastel

If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, this is the solution.

Either browse your Pastel CD/DVD x:\Util\Outlook 64-bit\ copy NewMail.dll paste it into c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Softline Pastel\ You’ll be asked if you want to replace the existing file, select yes.

Or download the files from here, this is from my Dropbox account. Close the pop-up asking you to register with the X in the top right corner.

Now you need to register the DLL file by clicking on Start then Run, and  typing

regsvr32  “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Softline Pastel\NewMail.dll”

If this fails, please ensure that you are logged in as a Windows  administrator or alternatively enter the command from the Command Prompt.