Asus Transformer Book T100

Looking for a device that could replace your outdated Windows XP PC for basic office use then the Asus T100 might be for you.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 is a 2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with 10-inch tablet.

You get the benefits of a tablet running Windows 8.1 (you’ll most likely need to upgrade from 8), that transforms in a mini laptop so that you can do some more intensive typing.

ASUS Transformer Book T100
ProcessorQuad core Intel® Atom™ processor
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 with MS Office Home & Student 2013
Main Memory2GB
Storage32GB eMMC with ASUS WebStorage
32GB eMMC + 500GB HDD with ASUS Webstorage
64GB eMMC with ASUS Webstorage
Display10.1″ HD (1366*768) IPS with multi-touch
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Camera1.2Mp camera
Battery31Whr (11 hrs)
DimensionsTablet: 10.4” x 6.7” x 0.41”
Dock: 10.4” x 6.7” x 0.51”
WeightTablet only: 1.2 lbs
Tablet with Dock: 2.4 lbs
Tablet with HDD Dock: 2.5lbs

Invoicing for Freelancers

You’re a freelancer and need to be able to invoice clients without too much fuss and still have them look professional. Are you looking for a small business invoicing solution . Well here are some of the possible options.

 What do you want/need from your invoicing system?

Decide on what you need and then you can see quickly if a solution offers what you want quickly.

  • I needed to be able to send PDF’s
  • Recurring invoices
  • Statements


  • Spreadsheet – only essentials, can be added to, effort to code
  • Free on PC – long standing, fully featured, seldom standard, learning curve
  • Online free  – free is usually limited, can’t always export your data
  • Online paid – costs, learning curve, which to use
  • Self-hosted – technical know how, more setup, updates

PC or Mac

This is software that is installed to your computer.


You can find a number of templates online for setting up invoicing inside of your preferred spreadsheet software. What’s nice is that  you control every aspect of what is on your invoice and what the layout looks like, downside is it might take quite some effort to get it there and each invoice is a fairly manual process.



I’m still looking


Paid solutions will offer all the functionality you could imagine needing. You may have to pay to upgrade to a version that has that functionality though.

  • Quickbooks
  • Sage Pastel

Cloud based

Cloud hosted, make sure you can export your data in case you need to change providers.


There are a few decent truly free solutions with no limitations out there. Other’s either limit you so badly that they become useless. The downside is that it takes time to learn new software and become familiar with it.


You can see a list of some of the many paid solutions here.

I use WaveApps invoicing and it is the best option I have come across.

Self hosted

This may not be an option for too many people, as it is a little bit technical, but it is possible to install software to your web server and run it by visiting a specific URL.

Free Online Invoicing Solutions

I’m primarily interested in services that have free basic options for small businesses that are just getting going and who would rather not spend anything at this stage.

Most services that offer a “Free” account are either temporary or so limited as to be worthless, I mean who sends 5 invoices a month.

I’ll try list the free versions that could possibly work for most freelancers. Please, please, please correct any mistakes, give your opinion and send me any notables I may have missed.

Ideally I’d like to be able to export – contacts, invoices – any data I enter so I can transport it to another system if necessary.

Recurring billing is a must for my web-hosting business.

  • WaveApps - This is the service I use and love. Get’s better all the time and keeps expanding its services.
  • Numia – Archaic interface and non-existent look and feel. Not at all intuitive or simple.
  • BillingBoss – Free – really free, no options for payment – added features will cost in future but hey it does all you need already. discontinued
  • invoicejournal – Free unlimited clients, 30 invoices per month
  • billfaster – Free trial, branded invoices, unlimited clients and invoices
  • – Looks worthwhile only downside is Branded invoices, small price to pay.
  • Billing Manager – by Intuit – discontinued
  • CurdBee now Hiveage - Free accounts only downside is branded invoices. Accounts start at $2/month. Looks good …

How ironic that two of the free offerings by large corporations are now discontinued. Please remember big business sells the idea that it gives a shit but too often their actions tell another story.

Totally useless “free” account

Each of the following offer either fewer than 11 invoices per month, invoicing to fewer than 5 clients or fewer than 10 products, which I think makes them pretty useless as far as free accounts goes.

  • b2bee – 3 clients free or $14/month
  • Bill4Time – 3 clients free or $10-60/month
  • CannyBill – 5 clients free or $6-48/month – sounds like Cannibal – domain is strange
  • Freshbooks – 3 clients or starting at $20/month (used to be 2ndSite)
  • InvoicePlace – A whole 5 invoices per month, $12-20/month
  • Invoicerea – 3 clients, $20-100/month
  • Invotrak – 2 invoices per month, $10-45/month
  • LiteAccounting – 2 invoices monthly, $10-25/month
  • PHP Invoice – 5 clients, $15-30/month
  • ronin – 2 clients, $15-50/month, now part of GoDaddy
  • SmartInvoice – 3 clients
  • SnapBill – 5 clients, this is the service that instigated this entire post, I have been using them for the past 6 months or so, they recently changed their “Free” service to limit it to the extent that I now have to pay a monthly fee. I don’t agree with the rules changing during the game so I’m moving shop. [If they do it once, what stops them from doing it again.] $20-100/month
  • The Invoice Machine – a whopping 3 invoices per month for your ice sales to eskimos company, $12-48/month
  • WINKbill – 3 invoices, Plans range between $10-40/month
  • ZOHO Invoice – 5 invoices per month or $15-30/month

No “free” option only Free Trials

Want to manage your own solution on your own hosting

These will need some technical knowhow to setup on your hosting

Free Web App Versions

Paid For