Suma Ching Hai – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment

Extracts are primarily from the booklet “The Key of Immediate Enlightenment”

I’m not just debunking Mrs Hai but most Guru’s as a marketing and exploitive force. Each has an individual flavour but so much of what and how they do things relates to a very clever sales pitch.

“And beyond that, there are many aspects of God, which are difficult to understand. I’m afraid to confuse you, so probably another time I’ll tell you, or maybe after initiation when you’ll be a little bit more prepared; and I’ll tell you some terrific things about your imagination. How sometimes it plays wrong about many ideas about God.” pg 31

“Q. You mentioned the master can borrow people’s karma. In that case the karma is erased, for these people? What is the consequence for the people?

M. Yes, yes, yes. Oh! The master can erase anyone’s karma. If that’s what the master chooses to do.” pg 32

“Q. Well, just to ask You… the angels, what level are they?

M. What level are they? Oh! It depends on what kind of angels?

Q. The guardian angels.

M. Humm?

Q. The guardian angels.

M. Oh! The guardian angels, they could be up to the second level. Angels are less than human beings, less prestige. They are to serve us.

Q. And they never go beyond that?

M. No! Except … ” pg 35

Green grass at all costs – Keeping up appearances

I recently read an article about Californians who during current times of drought, spray-paint their brown grass, green.

This seems like a pretty decent definition of insanity. Treating symptoms rather than dealing with the cause.

As one of the home owners says “Green grass is supposed to be green in my opinion.” Just like shit should be a shade of brown but I’m sure you aren’t gonna paint that if it’s looking a little green.

If you feel like the colour of your grass  is a reflection on you, then you need to grow up and get a life. A cheaper alternative to  spray-painting is to buy yourself a pair of green tinted sunglasses.

SARS Easyfile Employer Problems – Troubleshooting

Are you having problems with installing SARS e@syFile-employer to your Windows PC, here are some possible fixes & tricks to try. “e@syFile is not easy!” I’ve heard often that people prefer to do EMP 201 entries in eFiling.

Please be aware that it is from feedback that I am able to give assistance, so please let me know if you come right and what you found the issue was.

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